What is Art?

Art can quite honestly not have just one definition, it has many meaning and forms and no Art is the same.

view from windowArt shares many different shapes and forms and often originality is key. It can be a painting of the view from your window or it could be the song about your favourite memory, like I said it can take many forms but reality is; Art is everywhere. The Art industry itself is a tough nut to crack just like many forms of Art including music, photography and film.

x factorWith programs like X Factor and the Voice it is becoming slightly easier for music acts to get recognition whereas artists and photographers still struggle for exposure to a large audience. There is also arguably more money involved in music; YouTube contributes somewhat to that also.

Paintings, photography and similar art forms don’t really get the same coverage as much as music and film does but wouldn’t it be good if they did.

As an artist have you ever felt like you’ve needed a place specially designed to grow your career or hobby and gain a following whereby you can communicate with them quickly and effectively? A Facebook type platform for Art, so to speak? It would be nice, wouldn’t it!

LogoWith a website that gives you, as an artist, a chance to upload your artwork, share it and perhaps even sell it, you will be able to give others the vision that you have. This will also give you the opportunity to follow and like other people’s work that you enjoy.

Sound’s perfect, right? Now let’s put that in to reality and give artists a chance to be successful in what it is they do. Come on website, we’re waiting for you!


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