Art Review: ArtRadio

Art can come in many sizes, shape and forms so when trawling the internet you are bound to find some wild and wonderful artwork that somehow tells a story.

Here is a selection of art that has been found on a website called and has in some way interested me.artradio painting

This piece is mesmerizing. To some people it may come across as a few colours painted on to canvas in a random order, but there has got to be more to it than that. Each colour is clear, yet they are so different. There is no blend of shades, just pure blocks of colour scattered over the painting.

The reason this piece interests me is because I don’t get it. The painter behind it must have had a reason for it, yet I’m mystified as to what that reason is. After this article, I’ll be sure to get in contact with them as to what it is about.

This was not the only piece that caught my attention on the website. There were a number, but this next one I feel is easier to explain, yet I’m both impressed and interested.

This painting is so detailed and so refined that it gives you a sense of actually being present on the path during an autumnal forest.

artradio painting 2The reason I was intrigued with this piece is the path. Yes, everything else is immaculately painted, but where is the path leading? The path narrows, is it leading to a place of uncertainty or is there an even better landscape through the gates than the one in front of me? So many questions! I may be over complicating the painting but I return to my original point, the person behind the painting must have a reason for it and I am interested in that reason.

There are many more paintings that attract me to their story, if like me, you wonder what the reasoning is then join ArtRadio and ask them yourselves.


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