Latest Online Trends

The media is always looking for the newest and best trends to get the public involved with.

Whether it be a new website or a new video or a new game, there is always something that spreads quicker than the black plague. So we will talk about a list of those trends that are in the public eye today and those that we predict will be joining them. But before we do that, here is one that took the world by storm on a phenomenal scale …


Gangnam Style – This was without a doubt the biggest trend of 2012 with over one billion views on YouTube, a tally which is unrivalled by many of the top 10 musicians. The man behind this feat is Psy with his interpretation of how the kids should be dancing nowadays. It worked.


Harlem Shake – This moves onto a trend that is very much current and we introduce to you, the Harlem Shake. If you haven’t heard of it yet then where have you been for that last month or so? This dance has every chance of out doing Psy and Gangnam Style with many members of the public already uploading their versions to the internet. This viral phenomenon involves people dancing to a song before and after the beat ‘drops’. People are urged to literally go insane and do randomly funny dance moves among many other people.


ArtRadio – This next trend is not one that has fully lived up to its potential yet but as we know with many social networking platforms, they get very popular very quickly. This new platform comes from ArtRadio and is predominantly intended for artists including painters, drawers, photographers, bands, musicians and the like giving them a place, similar to Facebook, to communicate, update and showcase their talents. There are not many places where so many talented individuals can form together to create a talent hotspot, but ArtRadio may have just cracked it. Who knows, there might even be a dance about Art Radio soon.


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