Discover the Artist Within

CreativityCreativity is a gift that every one of us has; mostly we do not consider ourselves to be creative and innovative. Society time and time again has discharged the significance of being artistic and creative.

Innovative thinking is really helpful for problem solving, improvement and development.  Discover the artist within so it can be of assistance to you and not one way but many; by getting through the rough times, and taking us out of hopelessness and despair.

So how do we look for the artist that lives silently inside of us?

To find the artist within you:

  • Contemplate on the abilities you have, but not the disabilities; what you are able to do, not what you cannot. Perhaps you are good with computers. Consider graphic arts. Perhaps you can handle a needle. Think about sewing to which you can give an artistic touch to. In the present time there is an endless craft materials and kits available to get you on track, there is something for everybody; every artist.
  • Determine your bliss; if a girl remembers what she enjoyed the most when shecrayons was between 8 and 11, she can discover her bliss. For males, it is between 10 and 14. If, at that age, you used to make things and loved having your personal pack of crayons that no one else was allowed to touch or your personal set of color pencils, then art could surely be your bliss.
  • Browse a crafts store or Internet sites on crafting and see what calls out to you. Buy one or two kits and start from there.
  • Do not be frightened to try something different. The sub definition of an artist is “someone who is always trying something new” – new methods, new medium. You have not much to lose – the cost of one or two kits – and a lot of gain!

Five questions to help discover the artist within

  1. What is it that many people will not know about you, but if they did they wouldartist within appreciate you more?
  2. How can you provide for others in a way that fits the way you are designed?
  3. What activities do I feel most natural doing?
  4. What brings energy in your life?
  5. When have others told you that they welcome your efforts?

Every one of us has a unique set of talents and gifts.  You are not like somebody else who has ever lived and your unique characteristics are needed by other people.  This is the point of your life.  Not like the stationary painting hanging in the museum, you are God’s masterpiece, who is alive and full of life, and you are a vital part of the play.  Homemakers, CEOs, pet sitters, and bartenders everyone is an artist of sorts. You have talent and the world is the canvas for your creations.

Description: if you know what it is that brings pleasure and happiness in your life then do pursue it and use your creative juices to add a little color to this otherwise mundane life.

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