Artists Unrecognized In Their Time for Their Artistic Work

An artist not being known by many despite their huge talents is not something artistunusual. This is something that has happened in history repeatedly and artists that are famous now for their creative work, were unrecognized in their time.

Some artists are not well renowned in their life and the popularity they miss out in their time is usually gained after they depart the world. Painters are not the only unlucky ones, musicians and poets share the grief and unfortunate times equally. Here we will mention some of history’s unrecognized artists who were regarded and appreciated more by generations after them.

  •   Once a Failed Artist – Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890): If Van Gogh could see the price his portrait of Dr.Gachet was sold at, he would have never thought of himself as a failed artist. The starvation and lack of recognition in his time drove him to the extremes of frustration, because out of 2000 pieces of art he only managed to sell 2 pieces in his lifetime. The mental instability and depression compelled Van Gogh to end his life only at the age of 37. His unique post-impressionist style, with plenty of emotions and vibrancy earned him fame after his life. Thousands of artists took inspiration from his work.
  •  A Great Romantic Poet – John Keats (1795-1821): Though Keats did get John keatssome acceptance for his work, his short life didn’t give him a chance to receive the recognition that his work truly deserved. During his life this ‘Romantic Poet’ faced a lot of art criticism and only fellow poets knew how great his poetry was. Tuberculosis ended his life at the age of 25 due to which he couldn’t prove critics wrong. In 1890 he acquired the rightful recognition for his work and people realized that he introduced a new way to write romantic poetry.
  •   Unappreciated Writer – Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849): Poe was one of Edgar allen poethose artists that had to go through tough times in their life. He was a struggling writer who only earned few dollars for his publications that are very popular nowadays. He was depressed by the death of his wife and being an alcoholic led him to difficult financial times. His mysterious death at the age of 40 shocked many. His work is very well regarded today and he is credited with bringing fresh flavor to short story and science fiction.

If only times were not that tough or these artists had another medium to display their work to masses like people have nowadays, things would have been much different. The lack of recognition killed many of these artists from inside and they never got the acceptance they deserved in their lifetime.


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