Preserving Your Water Colours

preserve your watercoloursA painting takes a considerable amount of time to perfect and the artist puts their heart and soul into every piece that he produces but lack of knowledge about preservation can lead towards the best paintings getting damaged.

There is a proper technique of preserving your water colours whether they are on canvas or in their rightful containers, simple things such as inadequate storage of the painting can have a drastic impact on the painting making all your effort go seem wasted.  Listed below are some of the rules of preserving watercolours that will make sure that your paintings and water colours stay in the best condition.

When you are framing your artwork, make sure that you leave a gap between the glass of the frame and the artwork itself in order to make sure that the painting does not get smeared. In order to preserve the water colours and the painting, make sure that you add small wooden pellets in between the glass and the painting to give it some breathing space.Watercolours

If you need to fix tape on the water colours, make sure that you never use masking tape on the painting because it can do irreparable damage. If using masking tape is absolutely necessary for the completion of your art work then you can use a PH neutral water based adhesive that is easily available in any art shop.

The place that you decide to hang the painting has a lot to do with the fate of the painting and the watercolours. Do not opt for places that tend to be very hot and humid such as anywhere near a kitchen or the air vents. The watercolours will fade away if they are placed in direct contact with sunlight so make sure that you keep the above things in mind when framing and hanging the paintings in order to make sure that it lasts for a prolonged period of time.


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