How To: Design Your Own Full-Sleeve

full sleeveA tattoo is a beautiful form of body-art used to expression one’s individuality. Many tattoos are inspired by paintings, photography and even other tattoos.

So, now you’ve found your inspiration from art radio and have decided to take it one step further and design a full-sleeve tattoo, but where would you possibly start? It may seem impossible to design the tattoo you so desperately want; however by combining ideas and images, you’ll find yourself in drawing away in no time.

The first and most important step is to choose your starting point and theme.

By choosing your starting point, you can then begin to put together individual pieces from sites such as art social networks and that you like so much. This enables you to start structuring your tattoo to make sure it flows nicely so it can eventually become a full-sleeve.

The best way to choose your starting point is to take concepts and inspiration from other tattoos. You may feel as though you are following the crowd a little here; however by choosing a common tattoo you can adapt it to your own personal style, making it your own.

Also, use portraits and memoirs that are personal to you as a stimulus or you can think of your own until you get the design you’re looking for. The second most important thing is to ensure that you are choosing an full_sleeve_tattoo_design_by_shepush-d5qqf0uindividual design that fits the chosen theme of your sleeve.

Whether the pieces you want have already been used as tattoos or not, it is always crucial to make sure everything fits and flows nicely. It is always a good idea to trace your arm accurately, putting your designs on first before you make the final decision.

This way you can estimate what the tattoo is going to look like and whether everything looks good together. The last and most obvious step is to talk to a tattoo artist about your piece.

By doing this, you will get a rough quote about the price but the tattooist will also tell you if your design is a realistic goal. Also, by talking to tattoo artist, they might even be able to give you hints and tips to make your tattoo design even better. Remember, you have the ultimate decision and you have to be happy with going forward here.

Always make sure you’re prepared and your design is flawless before getting your tattoo. Pay attention to detail and make it as personal as you like, but most of all, enjoy your new tattoo!


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