I Smell Perfection

Mona_LisaWe all know how hard portraits are to draw and it is guaranteed that even some of the most famous artists in the world have made more than one attempt to draw a nose.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a prime example of this as it took him roughly 3 years to perfect the beautiful face of Mona Lisa.

If you’re looking to paint a perfect nose, just follow these simple tips and you’ll have the precision and technique to be able to paint a flawless nose in no time!

There are many different angles at which you can draw a nose, but one of the hardest has to be the straight on profile. Start with sketching just a rough outline of the head including the ears and then draw an accurate cross in the centre of the face.

This is to help you determine the position of all the facial body parts later on.

Next, you must locate the exact position where you want the end of your nose to sit and mark it with a curved line measuring how big you want the nose to be.

Once you have chosen the position of the nose, using the small curve you made in the previous step to create a circle accompanied by two smaller circles either side.

Then, add to the base of the three outlined circles three concave and convex curves to create nostrils. After you have done this you have the option of either shadowing in the bridge or gentlynose drawing pencilling it in, either will help to create a more realistic feel to your nose drawing.

A tip to help you when drawing the nose is to fill in the rest of the face when you think you’re finished and make any adjustments if you believe that the nose looks distorted.

And there you go! By following these steps you will have created the simplest nose.

Remember practice makes perfect, and after you’ve made your painted nose look immaculate feel free to share it on the artists social network so everyone can admire your brilliant art work.


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