Be Original

banksy-olympic-ringsBeing part of the artistry community, I’m sure you have heard of Banksy. He is possibly one of the most famous and infamous artists to date.

His work has been somewhat controversial among the public, with some seeing his art as genius, but others have branded him a vandal. One thing is for certain, what he does is unique.

Banksy made is name by producing trademarked ‘guerrilla’ art created with stencils and spray paint. These pieces of art can be found across a number of walls and buildings in London, Bristol and Brighton. Some of his art has collected hundreds of thousands of pounds and there have also been a number of celebrities that have collected his work.

Although Banksy is known around the world, what he does is simple yet clever. Artists become successful with individuality. If what you produce as an artist is unique, it has a greater chance of being grasped by the public. If it’s been done before then it will not hold as much authority.

With this in mind, if you have a talent and feel it deserves to be appreciated then you should be branching your art out to a larger audience. There are a number of ways you can do this. Banksy does this by producing his work in the public eye on buildings but it is not that simple. For a fine artist, a building just doesn’t pose as a good canvas.

Therefore, I suggest using a platform online as a way to start your growth. Online media is a way to showcase your artwork with minimum effort. By uploading your work to a social media platform you have the opportunity for someone to enjoy your work and repost it elsewhere, which can go viral. A great example of this is a dance craze such as the ‘Harlem Shake’ which grew incredibly through posting and reposting. This can happen with your artwork too.

The key is to be original.


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