How To Take Care Of Paint Brushes


Regardless of how much money you spend on buying something of great quality, if you do not take good care of it then there is no point because it is just going to get ruined.

Paint brushes are exactly the same; you need to take good care of them if you want them to last for a long time. Paint brushes are the most important tool for any artist and they need to have the best of the best in order to create master pieces that will be remembered and cherished by the people for many generations to come.  Listed below are some tips that will help you take care of your paint brushes.

The first important thing is that you need to make sure that you always purchase the best quality paint brushes and take really good care of them. They will last a lot longer if you take good care of them, if not then even the best paint brushes can get ruined in a short period of time.

A mistake that a lot of people and artists tend to make is that they leave their paint brushes in the water after they are done with them. The wood of the brush will swell, the metal will rust and the bristles will bend meaning that the whole paint brush will become unusable.

Another common mistake that a lot of people make after they are done painting is that they leave the dirty paint brushes and only clean them when they need to use them again. This can be a costly mistake as it will immediately ruin your paint brushes. When the paint dries in the bristles of the brush it bends them which make it difficult to reshape them again.

Use a gentle hand on your paint brushes to make sure that the bristles don’t come off. A great piece of advice is that you should save your old paint brushes for mixing the colours and use the new ones for painting so that the new ones don’t get ruined. Once you have cleaned your paint brushes, make sure that you reshape them and let it dry. Do this often if you want your paint brushes to last for a really long time and stay in great shape.

Paint brushes are an artist’s greatest tool, so take care of it and the rest will follow.


JLS Shock Split

Brit Award

The music world was fazed this week when the hit boy band JLS confirmed that they were splitting up.

Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold, Oriste Williams and JB Williams had been together as a band since 2008 and came second on the popular singing competition show, The X Factor.

With 4 number one singles since then, they have been very popular with the fans. They have also had 4 albums and are now recording their fifth and final album, ‘Goodbye’. They will be also going on one final tour for the farewell.

One of the main reasons for the split up of this well-known and popular band is that they are all heading in their separate directions, from new careers to starting a family.

Another reason contributing to their split up would be the popularity of newer boy bands increasing. These bands could include One Direction, The Wanted and even the girl group Little Mix.

Brit Awards 2012 - Arrivals - London

The fans of JLS were clearly upset, as they were able to get ‘R.I.P JLS’ trending on Twitter for several hours. Fans were not able to control their feelings and started tweeting the group account wishing that the boys were not splitting up.

With JLS splitting up, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for new boy bands to come through the ranks and be loved by people all over the world. If you feel like you could be the next big boy band, why not showcase your talent on, the new social networking website for artists.

Why Broadcasting Art is Important?

There are many perks associated with being an artist; this is the way a person canwhy broadcasting art is important get in touch with their creativity. Art is a sheer representation of what the artist believes in and his perception about life and things around him.

Acknowledgment of art is like a life line for an artist; this acknowledgement is usually acquired through people who are like minded and also share the same passion as the artist. Expecting someone with no sense of creativity to appreciate art is somewhat like undermining the real worth of the artist.

Acknowledgement of art is mostly acquired through proper and sensible broadcast of it. A painting sitting in the dark basement for years, even if worth thousands of pounds, would not earn a single praise if it’s not broadcasted through the right medium.

What this means is that artist needs to communicate with the right people and showcase their work on a much bigger platform where others can get a chance to see the work. Don’t label an artist just as a painter; it can be a musician, moviemaker and even a graphic designer.

Now comes the real question of why broadcasting art is important and what do canvasartists get out of it? Well, to begin with, artists put a lot of effort in delivering their feelings on canvas, in the form of movie or on stage. All this effort requires appreciation and without it an artist feels worthless. Appreciation is the way artists feed their hidden talent and use it as a means to do more.

Many would agree that acknowledgment of art is also the promotion of art. A right platform can amplify the effect of art that otherwise may go unnoticed. Broadcasting art is vital so that the artist get his rightful promotion of work and also to make a mark amongst many like him. This itself can motivate the person with creative streak and can help him to produce some of the finest pieces of his work.

Art knows no boundary and confining art is one of the biggest mistakes an artist can do, as it could nip the creativity. Human interaction and sharing ideas with people having same interest can give rise to new ventures and what could be better for an artist to become an inspiration for others, it’s like a dream of every artist. All this could be achieved if art is showcased in genuine manner through powerful and right media.

Artists Unrecognized In Their Time for Their Artistic Work

An artist not being known by many despite their huge talents is not something artistunusual. This is something that has happened in history repeatedly and artists that are famous now for their creative work, were unrecognized in their time.

Some artists are not well renowned in their life and the popularity they miss out in their time is usually gained after they depart the world. Painters are not the only unlucky ones, musicians and poets share the grief and unfortunate times equally. Here we will mention some of history’s unrecognized artists who were regarded and appreciated more by generations after them.

  •   Once a Failed Artist – Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890): If Van Gogh could see the price his portrait of Dr.Gachet was sold at, he would have never thought of himself as a failed artist. The starvation and lack of recognition in his time drove him to the extremes of frustration, because out of 2000 pieces of art he only managed to sell 2 pieces in his lifetime. The mental instability and depression compelled Van Gogh to end his life only at the age of 37. His unique post-impressionist style, with plenty of emotions and vibrancy earned him fame after his life. Thousands of artists took inspiration from his work.
  •  A Great Romantic Poet – John Keats (1795-1821): Though Keats did get John keatssome acceptance for his work, his short life didn’t give him a chance to receive the recognition that his work truly deserved. During his life this ‘Romantic Poet’ faced a lot of art criticism and only fellow poets knew how great his poetry was. Tuberculosis ended his life at the age of 25 due to which he couldn’t prove critics wrong. In 1890 he acquired the rightful recognition for his work and people realized that he introduced a new way to write romantic poetry.
  •   Unappreciated Writer – Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849): Poe was one of Edgar allen poethose artists that had to go through tough times in their life. He was a struggling writer who only earned few dollars for his publications that are very popular nowadays. He was depressed by the death of his wife and being an alcoholic led him to difficult financial times. His mysterious death at the age of 40 shocked many. His work is very well regarded today and he is credited with bringing fresh flavor to short story and science fiction.

If only times were not that tough or these artists had another medium to display their work to masses like people have nowadays, things would have been much different. The lack of recognition killed many of these artists from inside and they never got the acceptance they deserved in their lifetime.

Discover the Artist Within

CreativityCreativity is a gift that every one of us has; mostly we do not consider ourselves to be creative and innovative. Society time and time again has discharged the significance of being artistic and creative.

Innovative thinking is really helpful for problem solving, improvement and development.  Discover the artist within so it can be of assistance to you and not one way but many; by getting through the rough times, and taking us out of hopelessness and despair.

So how do we look for the artist that lives silently inside of us?

To find the artist within you:

  • Contemplate on the abilities you have, but not the disabilities; what you are able to do, not what you cannot. Perhaps you are good with computers. Consider graphic arts. Perhaps you can handle a needle. Think about sewing to which you can give an artistic touch to. In the present time there is an endless craft materials and kits available to get you on track, there is something for everybody; every artist.
  • Determine your bliss; if a girl remembers what she enjoyed the most when shecrayons was between 8 and 11, she can discover her bliss. For males, it is between 10 and 14. If, at that age, you used to make things and loved having your personal pack of crayons that no one else was allowed to touch or your personal set of color pencils, then art could surely be your bliss.
  • Browse a crafts store or Internet sites on crafting and see what calls out to you. Buy one or two kits and start from there.
  • Do not be frightened to try something different. The sub definition of an artist is “someone who is always trying something new” – new methods, new medium. You have not much to lose – the cost of one or two kits – and a lot of gain!

Five questions to help discover the artist within

  1. What is it that many people will not know about you, but if they did they wouldartist within appreciate you more?
  2. How can you provide for others in a way that fits the way you are designed?
  3. What activities do I feel most natural doing?
  4. What brings energy in your life?
  5. When have others told you that they welcome your efforts?

Every one of us has a unique set of talents and gifts.  You are not like somebody else who has ever lived and your unique characteristics are needed by other people.  This is the point of your life.  Not like the stationary painting hanging in the museum, you are God’s masterpiece, who is alive and full of life, and you are a vital part of the play.  Homemakers, CEOs, pet sitters, and bartenders everyone is an artist of sorts. You have talent and the world is the canvas for your creations.

Description: if you know what it is that brings pleasure and happiness in your life then do pursue it and use your creative juices to add a little color to this otherwise mundane life.

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Latest Online Trends

The media is always looking for the newest and best trends to get the public involved with.

Whether it be a new website or a new video or a new game, there is always something that spreads quicker than the black plague. So we will talk about a list of those trends that are in the public eye today and those that we predict will be joining them. But before we do that, here is one that took the world by storm on a phenomenal scale …


Gangnam Style – This was without a doubt the biggest trend of 2012 with over one billion views on YouTube, a tally which is unrivalled by many of the top 10 musicians. The man behind this feat is Psy with his interpretation of how the kids should be dancing nowadays. It worked.


Harlem Shake – This moves onto a trend that is very much current and we introduce to you, the Harlem Shake. If you haven’t heard of it yet then where have you been for that last month or so? This dance has every chance of out doing Psy and Gangnam Style with many members of the public already uploading their versions to the internet. This viral phenomenon involves people dancing to a song before and after the beat ‘drops’. People are urged to literally go insane and do randomly funny dance moves among many other people.


ArtRadio – This next trend is not one that has fully lived up to its potential yet but as we know with many social networking platforms, they get very popular very quickly. This new platform comes from ArtRadio and is predominantly intended for artists including painters, drawers, photographers, bands, musicians and the like giving them a place, similar to Facebook, to communicate, update and showcase their talents. There are not many places where so many talented individuals can form together to create a talent hotspot, but ArtRadio may have just cracked it. Who knows, there might even be a dance about Art Radio soon.

Art Review: ArtRadio

Art can come in many sizes, shape and forms so when trawling the internet you are bound to find some wild and wonderful artwork that somehow tells a story.

Here is a selection of art that has been found on a website called and has in some way interested me.artradio painting

This piece is mesmerizing. To some people it may come across as a few colours painted on to canvas in a random order, but there has got to be more to it than that. Each colour is clear, yet they are so different. There is no blend of shades, just pure blocks of colour scattered over the painting.

The reason this piece interests me is because I don’t get it. The painter behind it must have had a reason for it, yet I’m mystified as to what that reason is. After this article, I’ll be sure to get in contact with them as to what it is about.

This was not the only piece that caught my attention on the website. There were a number, but this next one I feel is easier to explain, yet I’m both impressed and interested.

This painting is so detailed and so refined that it gives you a sense of actually being present on the path during an autumnal forest.

artradio painting 2The reason I was intrigued with this piece is the path. Yes, everything else is immaculately painted, but where is the path leading? The path narrows, is it leading to a place of uncertainty or is there an even better landscape through the gates than the one in front of me? So many questions! I may be over complicating the painting but I return to my original point, the person behind the painting must have a reason for it and I am interested in that reason.

There are many more paintings that attract me to their story, if like me, you wonder what the reasoning is then join ArtRadio and ask them yourselves.